A downloadable game for Windows

This jam project has been selected for a retail re-release, under the new title "The Minesweeper". It is now in development using UE5. Set to release as part of the Jam Scrapz Collection in 2022.

You just returned from a battlefield after merely surviving an attack from enemy air-raids. As the only survivor from your unit and no vehicle or radio support, you've just walked a long way through the dry and heavy desert, and still need to find your way back to your base. However the base is heavily guarded with mines and you need to carefully make your way through them without tripping on them.

In times like these, there's only one man to trust.

Created during the Summer UE4Jam 2017.

(c) 2017 Néotl Empire.

Install instructions

Download zip.
Double-click the executable to play.


WSAD - Move Space - Jump LMB - Fire Weapon


Demo - Direct [Windows 64-bit] 123 MB

Development log