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This jam project has been selected for a retail re-release and overhaul. It is now in development using UE5. Set to release as part of the Jam Scrapz Collection in 2023. Set to release in Halloween 2023.

Battle it out in this online multiplayer top-down arena game inside the house with two elemental players - light or dark. Who will emerge victorious?


Programming - Onye Nacho
Artwork - Hotdog

Created during the Epic Mega Jam 2017.

(c) 2017 Néotl Empire.

Install instructions

Download zip.
Double-click the executable to play.


WSAD - Move  LMB - Light Attack RMB - Medium Attack Ctrl+LMB - Heavy Attack Escape - Return to Main Menu


Luminous Demo [Windows 32-Bit] 276 MB

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